TCL TV Reset Button Location [Factory Reset without Remote]

TCL TV reset button is a very useful part of the TV and there are many reasons why each TV should have a reset button. TCL tech brand has given a reset button on the TV so that the users may use this button when they are not able to use the remote of the TV but still, the TV needs a reset.

Users need to reset their TV for various kinds of reasons like if your TV is frozen on the logo screen then you need to reset the TV. There are other reasons like if your TV has some issues with the settings or if your TV remote is not working then you may apply the TCL TV reset button to fix the problem. Here you will know how to use the TCL TV reset button.

Location of TCL TV reset button:

TCL TV Reset Button Location
TCL TV Reset Button Location
TCL TV reset button is located on the back of the TV, close to the power or input ports. Below I give an Image of the Reset Button Location on TCL TV.

TCL TV screen is frozen:

Often the users of TCL TV may see that the TV screen is frozen and nothing is changing whatever you press on the remote. In that case, you can use the reset button of your TCL TV.

First of all, you need to disconnect the power supply cable of your TV and wait for a few seconds. Then connect the power supply cable and press the TCL TV reset button. After pressing the button the resetting process will start and it may take a few minutes to be done. You just have to wait until the process is complete.

TCL TV Factory Reset without Remote: [Process]

Open your TV & TCL TV Reset Button. I give an Image of the Reset Button Location on TCL TV in the Location Paragraph.

Now find the reset button and take a Pen, Then press and hold the reset button for about 20 seconds with the pen.

TCL TV Reset Button Location
TCL TV Reset Button Location
Don’t release the reset button until you see the TCL TV logo appear on the screen. Once the logo appears, you can let it go.

Note: When You reset your TCL TV, it will erase all your personalized settings and restore the TV to its default factory settings.

Finally, Release the button once the TV indicator light gets dimmed. It will take 5-6 minutes to reset the TV.

TCL TV Factory Reset Without Remote

TCL TV Factory Reset with Remote: [Process]

  • Open TCL TV and press the Settings button.
  • Select the More Settings or System option.
  • Now, choose the Device Preference / Storage and Reset option.
  • Scroll down and select the Reset option.
  • Choose the Factory data reset option & click Erase Everything.
  • Then Enter the PIN on the specified box and hit the OK option to reset the TV to the factory settings.

How to Factory Reset TCL Roku TV

  • First Open The TCL Roku TV.
  • Go to the Settings options available on the Roku home screen.
  • Select System and tap the Advanced System settings option.
  • Hit the Factory Reset option. Tap the Factory Reset Everything option.
  • Enter the Reset code displayed on the TV screen and hit the OK option.

TCL TV Reset Button

When the TCL TV remote is not working:

If everything is okay but still the remote of your TCL TV is not working then you may use the reset button of the TV. In this case, you need to follow the instructions below –

  • Find the reset button of your TCL TV which should be situated at the bottom of the TV.
  • Then you just need to press the reset button for a few seconds.
  • If you do this then the TV will take a reset by itself.
  • Your TV will turn on and the remote will work again if you apply a reset with the reset button.

When your TCL TV is stuck on the logo screen:

Sometimes you may find out that your TCL TV has stuck on the logo screen and you can not watch the TV. In that case, you may use the reset button of your TCL TV.

Actually, all you have to do is press the reset button and the TV normally completes the process automatically. Normally many customers may face this type of problem. If you ever see this then you need to apply the TCL TV reset button.

If you need to reset the settings:

Sometimes unexpectedly you may save the wrong settings on your TCL TV which may change the color of your TV screen in that case if you use the reset button then the settings of the TV will become as they were the first time. As a result, the color of your TCL TV screen will be fixed.

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