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32 Inch TV Size Reference- [Dimensions, Viewing Distance, Measurements & Size]

Televisions are available in different sizes. If you are planning to purchase a TV for yourself and your selected size is 32 inches then you should know about the details about it. Normally people use to purchase a TV after managing a proper amount of budget.

32 Inch TV Size Reference:

You will not get the perfect TV for your home after spending enough money if the TV doesn’t have the features according to your requirements. So, first, you need to know about all the information about 32-inch TV like Dimensions, Viewpoint, Measurements & Size, etc. If you are aware of the feature then you will be choose the perfect TV for yourself.

You also have to consider the pros and cons of your television. Here you will learn about some 32 inch TV size references which will help you to decide the best television for your home.

32 Inch TV Size Reference

32 Inch TV Screen measurement [Size]

There are difference between the size of actual 32 inche TV screen. There are many brands in the market which are manufacturing electronic device like TV . Different brand manufactures the TV with different sizes of screen.

But normally 32 inch TV contains a 27.9 inches or 70.9 centimeters screen and the height of this TV is 15.7 inches or 39.9 centimeters.

So, when you are going to purchase a 32 inches smart TV for home you should compare the screen size of each brand. Some brand provides bigger screen and if your requirement contains big screen then choose the TV according to the screen size.

Screen resolution

Screen resolution is one of the most important things when you are going to buy a 32 inch TV. As the screen of a 32 inch TV is quite big. So you need to choose a TV with a higher resolution.

Normally 32 inch TV comes with a resolution from 1360×768 pixels to 1920×1080 pixels. If you are going to a TV store you must check which brand is providing more pixels on the screen. You will get the views of the picture according to the pixels of your TV.

Best Optimal viewing distance for 32 inch TV

After purchasing a 32 inch TV you need to place it in a proper distance from your position to get the perfect view of the picture.

Normally people watch TV from a proper distance for getting the proper view of video and the perfect distance on 32 inch TV should be 3.92 feet or 47 inches. You need to set the 32 inch TV between this distance of your sitting position.

32 Inch TV Size Reference- viewing distance

32-Inch TV Dimensions:

Here are some examples of dimensions for a 32-inch tv from common brands.

  • Samsung- 6.1 by 28.5 by 18.8 inches
  • Sony- 6.9 by 29 by 19 inches
  • Hisense- 3.4 by 28.3 by 16.9 inches
  • Sceptre- 7.94 by 28.78 by 18.34 inches
  • TCL- 7.1 by 28.8 by 19.1 inches
  • Insignia- 8.15 by 28.86 by 19.02 inches
  • Vizio- 7.04 by 28.88 by 19.49 inches

32 Inch TV Other feature

Nowadays a 32 inch TV comes with many other smart features like the Android operating system, Bluetooth connectivity, and the internet.

If you are going to spend a proper amount of budget for your TV then you should choose a TV which contains not only the higher screen resolution but also all the other smart features so that you can stream online videos on your TV.

Keep in mind that the TV should contain Bluetooth connectivity so that you may use wireless speakers for better sound quality. Some 32 inche TV also contains eye comfort mode which actually provides a suitable view for the eyes. You need to check all of these features before purchasing a TV.

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