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Westinghouse TV Not Turning On? (Fix in Minutes)

Westinghouse is a television manufacturer brand and many people are using the product of this brand. Normally Westinghouse provides many smart features in the product and all the products of this television company are affordable.

Sometimes Westinghouse TV owners face a common issue with their TV which is Westinghouse TV may not turn on for a while. In this situation, you won’t be able to turn on the TV in normal or regular way.

Below I give a Screenshot that provides a user review about Westinghouse TV Not Turning On. He faced this issue and he solved it. Check this Screenshot below.

Westinghouse TV Not Turning On

How to fix Westinghouse TV not turning on:

Many Westinghouse TV owners have this type of experience. If you are passing through the same situation and found that your Westinghouse TV is not turning on then don’t be frightened. It happened with the power button, power cord, or the TV’s internal components.

You just need to follow some simple steps to fix this issue and turn on your Westinghouse TV again. The following steps are given to the below –

  • Check all the cables and ensure proper power supply.
  • Power cycle the TV.
  • Disconnect all the externally connected devices.
  • Replace the Power supply board.

Check the TV power button

Sometimes this thing happens for the damaged power button which is attached to the TV. Normally every Westinghouse TV contains a power button at the bottom side of the TV and users can turn on the TV by pushing that button.

In case if there is any malfunction with that power button then your Westinghouse TV will not turn on. So, you need to use the TV remote at that situation. If your remote is also not responding to the command then you should repair the power button at first.

Westinghouse TV Not Turning On

Look at Your HDMI Connections:

First, you need to be sure which cables are facing issues. There are three causes that your Westinghouse TV not on right now. First, double-check where your device is plugged in. Make note of which HDMI port it’s connected to (HDMI1, HDMI2, etc.).

  • Faulty HDMI cable with a break in it
  • Damaged HDMI port with broken pins
  • Poor HDMI connection where the cable and connector are not fully making contact

To check the cables, go behind your TV and replug all cables once again to ensure they are secured.

To check your HDMI and other cables:

  1. Switch off your TV.
  2. Remove any HDMI or other physical cables connected to the back of your TV.
  3. If you have any compressed air, use that to clean the contacts both of the cable and in the connector on the TV. If you don’t have compressed air, then blow gently on them.
  4. Firmly push the cables back into their slots on the TV.
  5. Switch your TV back on again.

sometimes you input the wrong Source codes, SO you can check it also. & this process you can use your remote & without remote.

Enable Input Source using a Remote Control

  1. Turn on your TV
  2. Press the Source button on your remote control
  3. Select the desired input mode

Change Input Source without Remote Control

  1. Turn on your TV
  2. Press the MENU button on the side or bottom of the TV
  3. Use the volume button to navigate to the source option
  4. Press the menu button to select the desired input source

Turn off the Sleep Timer

Specially the smart Westinghouse TV contains a feature which is sleep timer.

You can set a proper duration of time on your TV and the TV will turn off automatically according to that. If your TV is on sleep mode then the TV will not turn on until you disable the sleep timer.

In that case first of all you need to use the TV remote and disable the sleep timer on your TV. Then turn on the TV by following the regular method.

Check the power supply

Westinghouse TV will not turn on if there is some fault in the power supply. Each Westinghouse TV has a power supply cable which needs to be connected with the power source properly.

If the power supply cable of your Westinghouse TV is damaged then the TV will not get the power properly as a result the TV won’t turn on.

So, you have to check the power supply cable and if you can identify the fault then fix that first and then turn the TV on.

Check the Overheating issue

Westinghouse smart TV comes with a special feature which is overheating sensor. If the TV is overheating for long term use then the sensor will turn off the TV and it won’t turn on until the heat comes down to a safe level.

If your Westinghouse TV is not turning on and the temperature of the TV is high then you have to take some steps to cool your TV down. Here are the steps to follow –

  • At first unplug the power supply cable of your TV.
  • Check the ventilation system of your TV and if there is any blockage in the ventilation system then clean that first.
  • Keep your TV off for a while and wait until you feel a low temperature.
  • Turn on the TV after cooling down.

Westinghouse TV Support & Warranty

If you have tried all five methods and nothing managed to get your Westinghouse TV working it is time to ask for assistance. So contact Westinghouse customer support to get it replaced under warranty.

Call Westinghouse on 1-800-701-0680 (Mon – Fri, 9am -5.30pm, PST), or use their contact form.

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