How Long Do LG Smart TV Last? (LG LED/ OLED TV Lifespan)

Before buying a television for home everyone wants to make sure how long the television can be used. There are many cheap brands in the market which provide too many features on their products but normally those televisions don’t last so long.

As you may already know LG is one of those top-class brands which actually supplies different types of electronic products in the global market. LG is also a very popular and successful television manufacturer company that provides televisions of different models and sizes.

LG LED/ OLED TV Lifespan:

According to the model and size LG televisions have different prices. If you are going to purchase a TV and your selected brand is LG then you should know how long LG smart TVs last. Here you will also know the instructions on how you will be able to extend the lifetime of your LG smart TV.

LG LED/ OLED TV Lifespan

Normal lifetime of LG LED TV:

Normally an LG LED TV user can use the TV for 5 to 6 years which means you will be able to stream 40 thousand hours to 60 thousand of hours. Surely a user never uses his or her TV for 24 hours but the user may extend the lifetime of a TV by using it in a proper way.

Normally the brightness level of an LG LED TV comes down up to 50 percent after using the TV for 10 thousand hours. If you always maintain the parts of your TV fresh then your LG LED TV may survive up to 10 years.

Use the LG TV in Right order to extend the lifetime

You may extend the lifetime of your LG TV if you follow the correct order of using it. Normally people use a television to stream movies but, some people also play different types of video games on their TV with the PlayStation or Xbox.

If you use the TV for a long time like 10 or 12 hours with no break then the internal parts of the TV may become damaged due to a heating issue.

So, you have to use your TV for a proper duration of time and then you need to take a break and keep the TV turned off. This will help to keep the inner parts of your LG TV damage-free. As a result, you will be able to use the TV for a long time.

Maintaining process

Every electric device needs to be maintained properly otherwise it will not last longer. There are some important things that you need to maintain for an LG LED TV. First of all, you need to make sure the safest power supply for your TV so that the TV never gets overpowered or circuit.

You need to keep the ventilation system of your TV clean. If the air doesn’t flow properly inside the TV then the TV will become hot after using a short time. In that case, you have to clean the TV regularly.

Set the TV in a perfect place so that your TV never falls from the place. It will help your TV to survive more time without any external damage.

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