Are LG TV Remotes Universal? (Complete Explanation)

LG TVs are not so complicated devices to control. People use to purchase LG TVs for the quality and service. Every LG smart TV has different types of smart features.

But there is a common feature in every LG TV which is the remote. If you have bought an LG TV then you will get a remote and you have to use the remote to control the TV.

May users come up with a common question which is the capability of a remote. Many people also ask that are LG TV remotes universal or not. Here you will learn every about an LG TV remote.

Are LG TV Remotes Universal:

My favorite best Universal Remote is the Logitech Harmony Elite & GE Universal Remote. Also LG Magic remote also good enough. In this article, I will discuss these three questions Answer.

  • LG remote control other brands’ TVs?
  • Does standard LG remote work with other models?
  • Is the LG Magic Remote a universal remote?

Standard LG Remote To Control Other Models From LG? The short answer is no. And LG Magic Remote is universal. LG Magic remote can be used in other models. But LG standard remote cannot be used to control TVs from other brands. LG Magic remote can do set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and more.

Are you able to use an LG remote for all LG TV?

There is an important question of if the LG TV user can control their television with any other LG remote for different models.

LG TV Remotes Universal

In this case, if you have one of the LG TV but the remote is not working but at the moment you have another LG TV remote. Then you may try to control the TV you have with that LG remote.

If the model category of that LG TV version are close then it will work and you will be able to control the LG TV with that remote.

But in case you have an LG smart TV but the remote is from a very older version of LG brand then it may not work.

The Magic Remote of LG

LG provides a special type of remote called The Magic Remote. LG provides this type of remote with some type of model but people can buy The Magic Remote from any store also.

The advantage of purchasing the LG Magic Remote is, you will be able yo use this remote as an alternative to every type of LG TV. There are many users who normally purchase this type of remote for a backup and it really works.

Use the Smartphone as Universal Remote

If you have smartphone with TV remote feature then you can use that as an universal remote all you have to do is download the TV remote app and then search the model of your TV.

After this you will be able to use your smartphone as the remote and this thing actually makes an universal remote.

Are All LG TV remote Universal?

There is a question which often makes people confused about if all LG remotes are universal or not.

Universal remotes are those types of remotes by which multiple devices can be controlled. So, if you can’t control any other TV except your TV then your remote is not an universal remote.

For some specific models of LG smart TV, the company provides a universal remote. But, if your LG TV is an older version of TV and doesn’t even have a smart feature then your LG TV remote may not be universal.

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